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"What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other."

-George Eliot

226-566-0996   |    |  100 Sheldon Drive  - Unit 12 - Cambridge Ontario - N1R 7S7

Accounts Payable

code and enter vendor and expense invoices, run cheques and/or pay them by EFT

Accounts Receivable

bill customers and clients, record payments and follow up on delinquent accounts

Government Remittances

the processing/submitting of government remittances such as payroll,  EFT, HST/GST and corporate taxes

Personal Taxes

we provide tax services for individuals who would like us to prepare their personal tax returns


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the most precise, honest and affordable services possible.

Did you know?

Ambulance charges
Art therapy
Artificial eye or limb
Artificial kidney machine, including installation and operating costs
Basic cost of Medic Alert jewellery
Blood test
Bone marrow transplant
Brace (limb or spinal)
Breast pump
CAT scan
Catheters, catheter trays, tubing, adult diapers and disposable briefs required by incontinent persons
Christian science counselling
Colostomy pads
Dental services(crowns, fillings, cleanings, lab tests, etc.)
Denture repair/replacement
Devices to aid the hearing of a deaf person including bone-construction, telephone receivers, extra-loud audible signals and devices to permit volume adjustment of telephone equipment above 'normal' levels
Diabetic supplies
Fertility treatments
Glucometer and testing strips
Hearing Aid batteries
Hernia truss Injections
Insulin or substitutes
Iron lung
Laryngeal speaking aid
Lasik eye surgery
Liver Extract - injectable for pernicious anemia
Massage therapy
Metabolic tests
MRI scan
Nicotine patch
Operating room fees
Organ transplant
Pre-natal/Post- natal treatments
Prescription birth control pills & devices
Prescription drugs
Prescription glasses/contact lenses
Private/Semi-private hospital room fees
Reasonable costs for adapting a residence to accommodate a disabled person(ex: wheelchair ramp, lifts, bath facilities, etc.)
Reconstructive surgery
Rocking bed for polio patient
Spinal fluid tests
Stool examinations
Urine analysis
Vision Care
Vitamin B12 - for pernicious anemia

Are all tax deductibles 

Hopefully this helps you navigate dreaded tax season a bit better 

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