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Worker Bees
       "The achievements of an organization are the results of the                         combined effort of each individual" 
                                                                                                               -Vince Lombardi

Marion Alexander - Premier 

With over 40 years experience in the bookkeeping field (yes I started as a toddler, I'm that good), I have worked diligently in a multitude of work environments which have included manufacturing, construction, retail, service industries and professional services. Working in such different areas has honed my ability to assess and perform task specific skills. I have done almost everything from basic data entry through to the precise preparation of financial statements and tax returns, and of course the myriad of government forms. 

Heather Alexander - Bookkeeper

The majority of the data entry and payroll work is done by me in our office(so I am always here if you want to stop by).  I
have worked for a number of years early in my career as an office clerk and then decided on a change.  For over 10 years I worked in the health industry but am now committed to bringing proper health to companies' books (hopefully yours).  The knowledge that I have brought with me has been invaluable with regards to assisting clients with multiple tasks such as the set up of employee procedures and handbooks.  Since coming on board, I have continued upgrading and completing my bookkeeping certification and improving my technical skills which  has enabled me to be proficient in a wider spectrum of bookkeeping tasks including  payrolls and reconciliations. 

Marg Alexander - Bookkeeper

I started my career, many years ago, in an office setting.  I initially
worked as a Bookkeeping Clerk and,
twenty years later, ended up as an Office Manager. Being an adventurous soul, I moved to Nova Scotia and worked for the VON as a Nursing Aide providing care out in the community. Visiting people in their homes and helping to improve their quality of life was an immense joy.  Equally rewarding were their stories; the things we can learn from our Seniors! This love of people and enjoyment performing detailed oriented tasks has brought me back to the bookkeeping world where I can use my skills to assist clients whose valuable time is needed elsewhere. 

Jane Alexander- IT and General Helper

My main love in life is being a nurse, which I have been privileged to be doing for the past six years. My outgoing personality necessitates me doing something on days off, and luckily for me, I am able to assist  Alexander Bookkeeping Company in keeping all of their social media accounts up to date. My fondness for organization and general technical skills has become quite an asset designing and maintaining this very website. I also perform other duties of utmost importance such as helping with clerical duties, shoveling snow, and watering plants.

Susan Elliot - Part time Bookkeeping Technician 

I have realized that retirement is not quite for me(except for the constant jammies). I am a long time bookkeeper, now semi-retired, and have come on board to work with the team battling various bookkeeping duties, my particular love being bank reconciliations.  I also assists in the preparation of T4's and, at tax season, work diligently on your personal tax forms to hopefully get you the best return.


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