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Our History

Alexander Bookkeeping Company was started July 1, 2009 by Marion Alexander. Her driving force was the desire to provide excellent bookkeeping services for those small businesses who either didn't need or couldn't afford to employ a full time bookkeeper. It originally started in her home office where all the work was done solely by Marion. She would go out to clients as needed but did the majority of the work by collecting paperwork picked up, dropped off or through remote access via the internet.

As business grew larger and days grew longer, Marion consciously set out to find employees that were detail oriented and would guarantee the continuation of top quality work which she has built her business on. 2 part time employees were hired and began to work at the home office during the day while Marion was out at clients. Because there was only one computer, they worked in shifts and Marion would work in the evenings and on weekends.

It soon became necessary to expand the working space and so Alexander Bookkeeping Company hung a shingle in Kitchener, ON when one of the clients offered them store front office space. The move to a larger facility enabled the business to purchase additional computers and desks which allowed everyone to have their own work space with the added bonus of all employees working during regular business hours. Of course during tax season and year ends this becomes more of guideline than an actual rule. This also allowed Heather and Marg to work full time as a Bookkeeper, plus someone has to answer the phones.

In February of 2017, as the business continued to grow, Alexander Bookkeeping Company was able to return to its roots of Cambridge Ontario when we moved to our current office. Not only has this made travel time substantially shorter for our team, but it has also given business a much cozier and personable space which fits our personalities and feel of the business that our clients have grown fond of.

The home office is still maintained as a secondary work space for times when clients require after hours work done or during inclement weather. With more and more clients comfortable with remote access, it has enabled the company to respond more quickly and efficiently.

It is a hope that the company will continue to greatly surpass the big idea in a small house.

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