Alexander Bookkeeping Company!

"What do we live for, if not to make life
 less difficult for each other"
                         -George Eliot 


Our Mission
To provide our clients with the most precise, honest and affordable services possible.


Did You Know...?
Happy day friends! Did you know that there have been a few changes regarding filing your taxes this year. Take a look and reap the benefits.


"Our small business, Airborne Trampoline KW, has been using  Alexander Bookkeeping for our bookkeeping and corporate taxes. We are extremely satisfied with the services we have been receiving. Marion and her team have streamlined our books so that we could get any reports or questions answered very quickly. Their response time has always been fantastic. As well, errors from our previous Bookkeeper were caught and corrected, which saved us money. Their work is always very accurate and thorough.On top of finding ways to save us money and keeping everything organized and up-to-date, Marion and her team are always very pleasant to deal with and have superb customer service skills. I would not hesitate to recommend Alexander Bookkeeping to anyone or any business."



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